These three steps are going to be something that you certainly want to consider using when quitting your job now when you look at the numbers about 80 some percent of people are not very satisfied with their job now does this mean that everybody hates their job no some people absolutely love their job or they can bear with it and so therefore it’s something that they’re willing to do but let’s kind of dig into this a little bit deeper look let me just throw up this chart here for you this is h02 age 80 this is the average life expectancy of most people so in America average life expectancy about 78 years UK about 80 can at about 81 right so 0 to 80 years and from really age 18 to age 63 which is the average age that people are retiring you’re working about 45 years of your life so this is something that takes up a very large portion of your life so it’s important to hopefully take some time to really try to find something that’s satisfactory that you enjoy in life and if you find yourself in a job at the moment that you’re not very satisfied with and you feel like you could push past that or do something that maybe you’re just more passionate about maybe it pays less but you’re more passionate about it and you want to find a way to quit your current job and get into something else that we’re gonna discuss in this post so if you’re new here to the website you want to learn more about making money and saving money and investing so let’s just get started here now so let’s start with the first one here the first step that you want to consider taking but before we do that you need to understand why our people want people have jobs in the first place and that simple reason is because we need to make money we need to put food on the table we need to pay our bills.

if you dig deeper than that though why do we have jobs and a reason why a job is it seems like a very good option is because it’s offer some level of security and it’s very comfortable for that reason many people gravitate towards jobs it just makes sense right because having security knowing where your paycheck is coming from is very very important and it’s good to have right versus if you don’t have a job and if you’re making money from various other sources you don’t know where your next paycheck is coming from and it can be very problematic so quitting a job can be very difficult to actually do because we’re in this comfort zone sort of this bubble and I sort of it as as this forest this really dark forest and you don’t know what’s in the forest be wild animals as dark you don’t know what’s in it on the other side of this could be something really great it could be this this perfect light at the end of the tunnel but you have to go through this this forest of unknown essentially and the unknown is when you quit your job what’s going to happen or if you’re starting a business if you are trying to get into a different profession there’s this really big vast unknown that people are afraid to go into because the truth is sometimes you can fail sometimes you go into the unknown because you quit your job you try to launch a business and it doesn’t work but the truth is in most cases you’ll still be ok ok so the first step here that I want to show you the first step in order for quitting your job is something that we call crushing consumerism ok crushing consumerism because now let me give this example for you so let’s say that you’re making 80 thousand dollars per year which coin honestly is a lot of money most people don’t make eighty thousand dollars per year but this is gonna help prove my point here.

if you’re making eighty thousand dollars per year and you spend say eighty thousand dollars per year maybe seventy thousand dollars per year this is actually going to be so much more difficult to quit your job when you are making a lot of money and spending a lot of money because what this means is if you quit your job tomorrow you still have expenses of 70 or 80 thousand dollars per year because you are quality of your life your your amount of spending actually increased maybe you got a larger house maybe you expanded you have a couple of cars because you’re making more money now it’s going to be so much more difficult to quit your current job because you’re gonna have to find another way to support those spending habits so the first step here is to really do a big audit on your finances we have lots of post on budgeting and ways to save money so you can check those post out if you want to learn how to actually budget but the key here is to drive your costs down drive down your total cost on a monthly basis to something that is much easier to actually quit your job so what you want to do run a budget and see how much you’re spending maybe what is the cost of surviving what is the cost of living at a bare minimum for yourself and maybe if you’re in Oklahoma this is lower than it would be in New York but generally speaking people are gonna find this number this this surviving number where you’re not getting kicked out of your apartment and you’re able to afford of the bus or you’re able to afford a subway ride then it’s generally gonna be somewhere between likely fifteen hundred and four thousand dollars per month maybe of kids maybe it’s going to be higher maybe it’s gonna be lowered if you live in some places that are very much a lower cost of living okay.

but you want to calculate this number how much money are you spending and how low can you get that because getting your cost of living lower if you live in a smaller cheaper apartment it’s going to make it easier to quit your job because suddenly you have to come up with less money on a monthly basis and then you wouldn’t have otherwise if you had a lot of expenses okay so that’s the first step run a budget find how much it’s costing you to live and lower that cost as much as possible so step number two it’s going to involve a couple of different things but first of all you need to understand why do you want to quit your job do you want to start your own business that’s we’re gonna discuss in this post maybe you want to change occupations you went for a certain degree in school and you absolutely want to do a 180 and want to do something totally different that’s not related to your field now that’s something you can get around as well and you can make that work and then there’s other reasons for why people want to quit their jobs maybe they don’t want to work at all they don’t want to lift the finger they want to sit at home all day long and there are ways to do that likely through investments over a long period of time and living off of those investments but what we’re gonna talk about in this post first step number two is starting your own business essentially becoming your own boss and this is a great way to quit your job so the basics of this and one of the basics is to offer a service and then charge money for that service okay now that’s that’s the very basics of it but when you go into this a little bit deeper there are so many possibilities that you can explore what’s great about this is you’re your own boss so you don’t have to report to someone you have the report to the customer to the client but you can decide what you’re going to wear you can decide what time you’re going to wake up you can decide if it’s a Tuesday afternoon and you don’t want to work you’re gonna take some time off you can likely do that if you’re running your own business obviously depends on what type of business you’re running but how do you find the right type of business.

we have lots of posts on helping people make money but what you can do is look at your current job what are you doing right now are you a cyber security analyst maybe you could find consulting work and start your own consulting business in the field that you’re already working in at your current job but the key here when you’re starting this business is to not outright just quit your job walk away and then start the business on day one after quitting your job that’s probably not the best idea now have people done that in the past yes they have and they have succeeded but many people fail when they do this because it puts a lot of vast amount of pressure on people when they quit a job and they start a business in the next day and they try to start making money sometimes it can take some time to really start to build clientele to start to learn from your mistakes when running your own business so what I would suggest doing is start a business simultaneously while working in a job okay so if you can do these simultaneously and a lot of people struggle with this because they say I don’t have enough time in my day I have absolutely no time in my day now that does have some validity to it some people really don’t have time in their day if they’re working two jobs if they have kids and they have a lot of different responsibilities but in many cases and I found when I talk to people and I ask them you know some questions and they say you know I would start a business but I just have no time and then two hours later I see them sitting on the porch drinking a beer or if you look at your numbers on your phone if you have a recent smartphone it will probably track the time you spend on each app and if you see six seven eight hours per week on Netflix four hours per week on Instagram three hours per week on tick-tock and snapchat.

then people say that they don’t have any time now I’m not telling you that you don’t how many time because maybe you don’t but I’m saying in general some people argue that they don’t have time when in reality when you start to really pick apart a day you find that they actually have a large portion of time in certain areas throughout their life maybe it’s their lunch break maybe it’s before work maybe it is after work but there’s there’s something that Gary Vaynerchuk laid out but he talks about working from 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on a side hustle or on a business while also going to the office now that is extremely strenuous something that can absolutely tire you out but finding times to work on a business on a side business maybe this is a lawn care company or landscaping business window washing business or some type of next Facebook find a way to start working on this business simultaneously while working on this job now the key here is to get to the point of surviving from point number one okay so you want to build your side business up while working at your regular job build your side business up so that you can get to the point where you’re able to sustain yourself if you were to not have that job so you just have this this business that you built up to say $2,000 per month in profit $3,000 per month whatever that number is that you calculated as to your cost of living your monthly cost of living in step number one which is crushing consumerism and trying to get those costs lower finding out how much that is step number two you’re then going to try to build a side business to that level and look it’s a lot easier said than done okay it can take time right it can take six months it can take twelve months it can take years to do this but start doing this on the side start learning from mistakes as you build this business to a few thousand dollars per month now let’s talk about step number three which is equally as important as the past team.

it may not seem as though it is but it really is and that is Phi actually acting upon this see so many people when when they want to quit their job they say you know what I’m a start-up business I’m going to do this and it’s gonna happen and then I’m gonna quit my job really soon and then they blink and a decade goes by or fifteen years or twenty years go by and they’re still working at the job and they’re not satisfied look like I said earlier if you love your job then that’s wonder stand a ball but this is for people who don’t enjoy their job at the moment so if you’re really not enjoying your job at the moment and you don’t see yourself enjoying your job in the future then set some goals some very time specific goals as to when you want to achieve what it is that you want to do so if you want to quit your job in January of 2021 set that goal and that could be twelve months out that could be 24 months out maybe you want to quit your job in a few months whatever that is set those times specific goals write them down doesn’t if you put them on your wall write them down somewhere where you can see them every single day it’s so important to write down your goals it really is because that is how you can actually achieve them and hold yourself accountable for them when you’re not doing that when you’re saying you know what I want to quit my job I want to start a business but you never set sometimes for it it’s just going to be very difficult to actually make it happen it truly is so that’s step number three actually going about it when you do quit your job make sure that you’re doing it in a nice manner don’t go out guns blazing flipping people off not the best way to do it because you might need to use your old employer as a reference so don’t start a shouting match with your boss on your way out from your current job but those are the three simple steps that you can implement and like I said this is the basics of it you can go through some of my other posts that we have on saving money on budgeting and making money.


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