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I just think could be really interesting ideas that could be multi-million dollar businesses that you can make out of these or they could just be something to supplement your income make an extra ten or twenty thousand dollars per year it really just depends on what you make of it but we’re gonna get into that in this post these nine business ideas. we really do our best to help people financially help them grow financially by saving money making more money investing and just overall building wealth over their lifetime so they can live a happier healthier life so let’s get started with this post make sure you drop a like on the post if you find any value in it would HIGHLY appreciate it and it helps boost the post in the algorithm so let’s start off with the first one here which is something that I did back a few years ago now time really flies but this one you don’t really hear of it very often but it’s something that I made enough money on to essentially pay for a good portion of my freshman year of college which was making money off of the election so look when going about this we’re going to talk about some more specifics of this in the next minute here but this was a situation where the 2016 election look let’s not get political here but I think a lot of people weren’t really big fans of either candidate at least I mean in the United States you can apply this to most places in the world but in the United States a lot of people weren’t big fans of either candidate I found myself in that position.

so I said you know what I’m not sure who’s gonna win this election but I want to make sure that I win in some way because I feel like I might lose either way cuz I’m not a big fan of either candidate let’s not get political really I hate politics but I said I want to find a way to make some money so I ended up monetizing the election by selling things that were closely related to these candidates without actually infringing upon any copyrights so there’s a lot of different political bumper stickers that I was selling that weren’t just political logos but more so things that you can use that are general sayings or terms that you can throw on bumper stickers that you can make money on and I was selling those on eBay and I was selling a good bit amount I think I was doing over a hundred hours a day in profit from bumper stickers which sounds weird but when you actually run the numbers if you’re selling them for 399 buy two get one free and you’re selling 20 30 40 per day it can really add up to over a hundred dollars a day for what was taking me about 30 minutes a day to just slap some labels on some envelopes and mail them out it was very simple less than an hour a day and I was making a lot of those just around the political area because there’s so much going on especially in America it’s so polarizing I really don’t like politics how people are so angry and like against each other but there’s there’s ways to make money off of it you can go make t-shirts you can go make different things but I want to caution you on something don’t infringe upon copyrights you can’t just take somebody’s campaign logo slap it on a t-shirt and start selling it everywhere you’re probably gonna get sued for that don’t do that just find a way to do something without actually using copyrighted materials.

so that’s my tip there for this one the 2020 elections coming up and if you’re not in America you probably have an election cycle as well where you can find a way to monetize it and it’s not just selling bumper stickers or t-shirts or something there’s a lot of other ideas behind this one and we’ll move on here but I want to leave you with one last thing that you know when you think about campaigns there’s a lot of money being injected into campaigns we’re talking thousands we’re talking millions of dollars for some campaigns and they need yard signs they need all kinds of apparel they need pens that have their their company on it or sorry their campaign for it so there’s so much money floating around in politics it’s absolutely ridiculous and you can certainly tap into that and make some money off of it’s just my idea and I think it works pretty well the next one here is by becoming a drone pilot so a commercial drone pilot the way to think of this is look if a business wants to do some shooting for maybe they want to do like a tour of their campus or they want to get some really nice commercial shots for a commercial well in that case you can’t just fly drones around for commercial purposes in the United States for the most part so what you need is a license to do that now if it’s a recreational drone usage that’s a different story you can look into this in the US and the laws on it but in a lot of cases businesses are wanting to have to find a licensed drone pilot to get some drone footage for that mean you can become that person I don’t want to downplay it it’s not something that’s very easy to do you do have to become licensed you do it to pass a test but you can charge a pretty premium amount of money to help people do this I know multiple real estate agents who will pay people to do flyovers of the property and get some pictures of the house or the property that they’re selling and that’s something that you could do to make some money.

I know some people who have done this and have made quite a bit amount of money especially you know 20 30 $40,000 per year on the side do it on the weekends and make some money off of it’s just certainly idea that you can explore the next one here is something that’s might might be a little bit more difficult to actually achieve at first especially if you’re starting with the lower amount of money but it’s one that I just find so interesting and this is a little bit of a personal story here but when I was down in Panama I was staying in a hospital for a couple of days and I was talking to this this man who was probably coming up on 40 and I thought he was just staying there so a hostel essentially is is where you’ll have many people kind of sleeping in the same room bunk beds but it’s usually like 10 dollars a night so for travelers they’re called travelers hostels well it turns out that this guy actually bought this hostel back about 15 years ago and he just lives down in Panama sometimes he has people running it for him other times he just goes on vacation for a while maybe it’ll come back run in a little while but he’s making a pretty decent amount of money we didn’t talk about the finances of this hostel that he owned but it’s essentially kind of thinking like a hotel but just more people in more rooms but you can still make a decent amount of money off of it and if you’ve ever stayed in a hostel I would say that they’re actually really cool I really like them I’ve met so many cool people made a lot of friends at hostels throughout the world throughout my travels and it’s just something you could start your own hostel.

now you could buy one you could start one depends on zoning laws obviously but this is something that probably you’d want to look into once you have a little bit more money to at least get a down payment on a property this isn’t something you just start off with absolutely no money when you’re 14 years old it might be a little bit difficult but something for the future so let’s talk about the next one here which is not necessarily a business idea this this is the only one on here that’s really not a specific business but it’s still one that I think is something that you could certainly explore and do on the weekends do just from time to time if you want some extra money for vacation or you wanna get some Christmas presents for some people and you want some extra cash then I would consider charging electric scooters now if you don’t live in a city this might not apply to you as much but I know for example when I’m every time that I’m in Los Angeles and I’m walking around and getting some tacos at night right and I see these u-hauls pulling up and people throwing hundreds of these electric scooters like the line bikes this the bird bikes spin wind I think there’s like a dozen different brands of them but you can get paid a few dollars per scooter to charge these but when I started running the numbers on this and and there’s post on this you can look at Reyes the entrepreneur he made a really good post about charging scooters but these people can be making hundreds of dollars per night by renting u-hauls and charging hundreds of scooters per night and making only a few dollars per scooter but when you do the math on that.

they can be pushing a thousand dollars per day by charging scooters now the one thing I want to caution you on this and the reason why it’s not really a business is because you’re really in the hands of these scooter companies you don’t know the future you don’t know if these scooters are gonna be around forever you don’t know how much they’re going to be paying in the future so because of that it’s not something you can plan off of long term but more so just kind of like this gig that you can do on the side to make some money all right so the next one is to build funnels for businesses now the best way to explain this is is especially when you look at education businesses right so say people who are selling online courses or some other type of digital product which I don’t sell online courses I never will on this website but there’s some people who do and you know to be honest let’s be honest about 90% of courses that are sold online like these $2,000 showing you how to make a course course are just really not worth it but there are ones that are worth it and there are some people I have lots of friends who are selling online courses that are very much worth it that are actually packed with knowledge so what you can do in this case is not to sell an online course yourself but rather to build funnels for people who are selling digital products so I have a couple of friends who do this and they’re making a lot of money off of this so well when we talk about funnels what we’re talking here is essentially your gonna help businesses bring in emails right so they’re gonna find some type of a lead magnet right help them collect emails and then sell them a product which then you can sell another product which then you can lead them into another product and essentially creates this funnel.

where you’re funneling these people in just from an email where they enter their email address and suddenly they’re getting pitched all these things and some people get spammed with it a lot but honestly it really does help businesses and they’re willing to pay people a lot of money we’re talking thousands of dollars per month to help them with their funnels building these funnels for businesses so something that you should definitely look into and like I said Ivan I know a couple people who are making thousands of dollars tens of thousands of dollars per month by building funnels for businesses you can look it up you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do this there definitely is a lot of skill but it’s a lot of stuff that you can just learn over time over the coming months learning how to do this and collect emails and send out these emails and build these autoresponders and just work with these businesses to make a lot of money and they’ll be happy to pay you a lot of money if you’re pulling in an extra twenty thousand dollars for them per month and you’re gonna take four thousand off from that if they’re not gonna mind they’re still making sixteen thousand dollars in a lot of cases so another idea here is more kind of small-scale on that you can scale this up quite a bit but I wanted to include something that people can start with with not very much money they can start from their home somewhere and that’s just a simple screen printing business now I don’t know why I’ve never really mentioned this on this website before but to give you a prime example here let’s look at college campuses right so college campuses there’s so many clubs at college right and they need somebody to print these shirts for them or they’re bringing out like a new shirt every month.

so for their club for certain events or maybe sororities or fraternities and they need these shirts made you can do screen printing where you’re essentially just printing on a t-shirt or on clothing and selling it to these college students in these clubs and organizations not only that but churches to other schools you can sell them to different community events there’s a lot of money to be made when it comes to screen printing and it’s something you can set up in your basement in your garage you will want to have some equipment it might cost you a couple thousand dollars to really get started with it but then you can just do some guerrilla marketing around college campuses to start to really gain some clients and start to get your name out there a little bit now obviously you can scale this up you look at some of the top it’s a screen printing print on demand type of companies these companies are pulling in millions of dollars per month through these screen prints through this screen printing so it is something that you could explore that you could further further increase your income now another one here that I wanted to share with you is maybe something I have mentioned before on this website but it’s so lucrative it’s it there’s so much money in it and that we have to mention it in this post and that is by becoming an expert on running ads for companies now look if you look at the average age of a CEO you look at the average age of people who are leading a company they’re generally pretty old they’re not senior citizens but they’re generally pretty old and their 40s and their 50s or even older in a lot of cases a lot of these people don’t know that much about social media they don’t know how to run ads on Instagram they don’t know how to run ads on snapchat or on tik-tok or even on Facebook or Google.

so if you can become an ads expert you can make a ridiculous amount of money I’m talking tens of thousands of dollars per month and this is something that you can learn for free you don’t to pay for a two thousand dollar Facebook Ads course you can do this for free looking up post on how to run Facebook ads maybe pay $10 for some udemy courses and you can learn quite a bit by just doing some trial and error helping companies make money through Facebook Ads through Google Ads through because there’s certainly a disconnect between the universities and actual real life marketing okay trust me I spent a few years learning marketing in school at Penn State and not to bash on any professors or anything but if you have a professor who’s and this happened to me many times who’s 60 or 70 or even older and they’re trying to teach you about Facebook ads or they’re trying to teach you about social media marketing but they’ve never worked for a company they’ve just been a professor for for 40 years of their life it’s difficult for to really translate that message into the real world of social media marketing so if you want to get good at it start doing it yourself started learning it yourself online and then start to market those services to companies and a lot of people ask well how do I start to do that how can I actually approach a company and say I want to run ads for you I want to run ads on Google or on Bing or on Facebook for you and charge them money and a great way to do this is to just offer those services for free at first say look I’m willing to help you run some ads I’m not gonna get paid you the business simply pays for the cost of the ads but I work for free for you because I want to just better myself with this and I think I can really help you out and start to do some trial and error things with that start to make some money with it and then start to use those businesses of as reference points for future businesses in the future.

there’s a whole process behind we can talk about that later on in a different post all right so number two is to build chat BOTS for companies web sites now you don’t have to be a genius to do this it can still be pretty difficult I don’t want to downplay it but it’s something that you could look into and that is by helping companies with their websites to have these chat BOTS where essentially when you go onto a website today and you have a question but you’re not sure who’s going to answer the question but then you have the little bar that pops up on the side where it’s essentially this computer that you’re talking to you that helps you with your questions right a lot of companies have this but still today in 2019 a lot of companies don’t have this option you can pitch this to businesses tell them that you can build a chat bot where essentially people interested clients interested customers can talk to this bot that you’re able to set up for them and it’s very lucrative if there’s a lot of money in this trust me look into it for yourself building chat BOTS it’s something that look it’s not gonna be just clicking a button all day and making a lot of money I think the problem with a lot of these post and blog post that I see about business ideas or making money they talk about how to make a hundred dollars an hour by clicking a button but the truth is look you got to do something that most people aren’t willing to do or that most people aren’t able to think about and that’s how you’re really gonna make more money you will always get paid for what you’re worth and if you’re just clicking a button for online surveys you’re not going to make a hundred dollars an hour there’s some type of scam behind it there’s something behind it that’s just not very much worth it.

your end up really not winning right so building chat BOTS it’s something that does take skill a lot of these do takes gives a lot of these business ideas in this post we’re not something you can just walk in and start doing but anybody could do it then you would be getting paid a lot less just keep that in mind and I’m gonna leave you off with the final one here which is not necessarily one specific business idea but I just think it’s so important to really think this way if you’re trying to find some type of business to start for yourself coming up on 20/20 here and that is to think big it’s to find inefficiencies within society whether you can make something faster whether you can make something smarter whether you can make something more efficient in one way or another is going to make you money so if you can find something that saves time where maybe this daily task was taking people 15 minutes a day and now you have a new product or a new service then now it only takes people 30 seconds per day those are the type of items that turn into a billion-dollar company so just keep that in mind any time in your life where you get frustrated with something and I do this myself and this is what inventors do they find anything that they get frustrated with they say this it really takes too long this is inefficient this is annoying.

I don’t like this and then say well why don’t I like this why is this inefficient and then find a way to make it better find a way to make that product better make that service better and it’s just a way to really truly find a great business and going into this a little bit further you can you think about the sharing economy as well if you’re trying to start some big multi-billion dollar business look at the sharing economy you’re gonna get a lot of good ideas from this think about Touro the car app but essentially you can rent out your car to people think about uber right that is a sharing economy type of idea think about Airbnb or renting out a room in your home you’re sharing one of your rooms think about we work right we work offices is this sort of sharing economy idea where people are able to share this workspace with other people these companies are making a ton of money off of this we work as a multi-billion dollar company I think they’re actually still losing money but there’s still a multi-billion dollar company the person who founded it is I’m not sure if they’re a billionaire I think they are a billionaire but they have millions of dollars the Airbnb founders the founders of uber the founders of all these different apps.


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