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So let’s begin this session with 2 million job forecast to be available by the beginning of 2021 only in the UK alone and the increased use of Internet there’s no better time to start building your career in the field of digital marketing the job scope salary and also the demand for digital marketing is constantly growing in the recent past so in order to keep you guys updated on the career aspect and Eureka has come up with this post on digital marketing career so what exactly according to you is digital marketing let me help you guys with it Internet having reached across four point three nine billion people across the globe having a website your own business organization is a must digital marketing is something that makes it easier for you as well as your business in order to gain more traffic and also loyal customers so the proper definition to digital market would be it is a medium through which you can promote your product and services online and also you need to be good at data analytics data analytics refers to the techniques to analyze data and enhance productivity in order to gain business profit so this is also a must known skill guys and you need to have certain knowledge of WordPress also say for example if you are writing a blog so you need to know which platform to go for and in what way you should put across your points so WordPress plays a major role.

if you want to write a blog of your own so this will also help your organization if the company is dealing with content marketing or social media marketing next up you need to be good with Google Analytics so Google Analytics is one such tool which helps analyzing the insights of your website now say for example if your company is dealing with online certification like Ed Eureka so Google Analytics plays a major role in shaping the business for you guys so what does Google Analytics tool does is it gives you a proper insight of how many people are landing of website and what is the traffic that is generated through a particular medium or any other factor so it will analyze the aspects of your website and also it will take a look at the part where you’ll also see where you’re losing traffic on to your website so this particular tool plays a major role in shaping your career in the field of digital marketing now the next one is basic design skills so design skills is masked guys in order to generate a website of your own you need to process some design skills that will eventually help your organization so these are the top skills that you should master in order to become a successful digital marketer all right so I think you guys are clear with the skills that are required so these are not just the only skills that you should master there are so many other skills in the market right now but these are the Evergreen skills that one should master to build a career in the field of digital marketing and also you need to know the working of Excel sales skills objective thinking creative thinking and also ability to adapt to any kind of environment so these are a few notable skills that you should possess to become a successful digital marketer now talking about the job role and the scope in the field of digital marketing jobs play a major role when you want to pursue a career in a specific domain digital marketing is one such domain where you can find evergreen job roles so what exactly is the score for job in this field is it easy to get a job or does it require some special skill in order to get a job.

let’s have a look so firstly let’s take a look at the roles and responsibilities of a digital marketer so the first responsibility as a digital marketer is to be able to create a marketing campaign on your own and also this might generate leads for your organization so you need to be well-versed with creating a marketing campaign of your own right the next one is assist in the formulation of strategies in order to build a long-lasting digital connection with the customers so the altima is connecting with the customer is right so you have an organization which deals with customer interaction so the first thing you need to be focusing on is generating a good relationship between them this plays a major role if you’re wanting to build a career in digital marketing you should also be able to plan and monitor the ongoing progress on social media platforms social media platforms is one such way through which you can reach your customers in just a second so planning and monitoring the way you can handle things on social media is very important you need to plan accordingly to get more leads from the social media platforms always be actively involved in SEO this SEO is pertained to blog writing Suh SEO plays a major role if you are writing a blog so search engine optimization is something that you will be requiring if you want to write a blog on your own for your organization so you should be actively involved in writing blogs and creating good content so this is more important okay so creating good content that will help both customers as well as the business is the main agenda for digital marketing and analyzing the insights of your website using Google Analytics like I mentioned this is one of the skills that is required and also this is a responsibility of a digital marketer help maintain a good relationship with the customer.

so this is what people are hired for and this is exactly why you need to be more open to your customers all right and also have the ability to be more creative and up to date with the latest technology trends so digital marketing is a growing platform right technology changes also affect the digital marketing platform so you need to be updated with the latest trends in the market currently the digital marketing job field is highly result-driven and enhances your knowledge and creative skills there are many digital marketing job roles but I’ve noted on a few of them that will definitely help you out so the first one that I have on the list is the digital marketing executive as a digital marketing executive it is your responsibility to look into online marketing strategies for businesses you should also be able to plan and execute marketing campaigns and maintain and supply content for a website okay so this is the responsibility or the role of a digital marketing executive in a company now the next one is digital marketing manager the primary role of a digital marketing manager is to brand your product out in the digital space you are to develop implement and manage marketing campaigns that promote the products and services of your own company so this digital marketing manager is a key to the success of your organization next we have SEO executive the primary role of an SEO executive or specialist is to rank a website page on the search engine result page and also they are the major factor which influences the traffic in your website SEO sector is thriving d by D and the SEO executive job roles are always in demand so please start applying your resumes right away now so the next one that I have on the list is a social media marketing expert so social media marketing experts are responsible for combining marketing and social media management in order to enhance the company’s social media presence interaction with target audience promoting the brand engaging content and expanding the opportunities for increasing the revenue.

so the ultimatum is to generate revenue for your organization and also create better content for your people or customers so this is the role of social media marketing expert so the next one that I have is SEM so SEM basically stands for search engine marketing so there is a person who’s dedicated towards the search engine marketing is called as assessee and specialists so this person helps in mainly targeting the number of release and clicks from a given marketing budget marketing bid keyword research analysis and best ads campaign so this person helps in following up things so the next is content marketing manager so this content marketing manager is responsible for creating valuable content and has the desired skills to market it managing blogs post marketing campaigns ebook publications guest blogging email communication and so many other tasks are taken care by the content marketing manager me as a person also come under this content marketing team and also we make blogs corresponding to the topics that are given so this is a role of the digital marketing manager so these were few notable job roles under the digital marketing umbrella now moving ahead to the next topic we have pay scale in India and u.s. so first let’s take a look at the salary acquired by a digital marketing manager so this digital marketing salary might vary according to your work profile experience and also the major part your talent if you have all these three combined you’ll definitely be able to barge in the opportunity so according to pay scale digital marketing manager in u.s. makes up 265 thousand four hundred and eighty-eight dollars so this is the average salary acquired by the digital marketing manager and also in India the average salary for a digital marketing manager is around five lakh fifteen thousand one hundred and twenty-four rupees so this is the mean average salary guys now talking about SEO manager.

so the salary is divided into the experience level that first comes the manager next comes the ACO manager content marketing managers social media manager and so many others alright so the next on the list is a co-manager so the average salary acquired by a su manager in the US is around sixty-seven thousand four hundred and seventy-five dollars and also the salary acquired by an SEO manager in India is around file i’ts so this is the average salary that I am talking our guys imagine about the actual salary you will be getting now the next is social media manager and do note this guy is the stats that I’m showing you guys is pay scale so this might vary according to your experience level and also the location to be mainly focusing on India and the US the average salary for a social media manager if the US is around forty-nine thousand eight hundred and eighty-one dollars and in India, it’s around three-point six lakhs the next on the list is Content Manager in u.s. you can make up to fifty-seven thousand seven hundred and thirty-four dollars and in India, you can make up to five-point seven lakhs so think about the better future and content marketing is actually a booming field make a note of this guys next we have SEM specialist so the average salary for an SEM specialist is around forty-seven thousand one hundred and eighty-six US dollars and in India, it’s around three-point six lakhs so this was about the salary based on the manager level and do note this guy’s if you want to build a career do look for the salary aspect as well because algebra is a major role in building your career now the next that I have is what is the future of digital marketing have you ever wondered what exactly can be the future of digital marketing as digital marketing is still booming in the market.

you might think the market or the trend for digital marketing would vanish in a few years that’s not true guys so this is where the facts like the future of digital marketing lies within us so digital marketing for sure has a lot of advantages in recent days but how would you predict the future of this field I’ve dug deep about the future of digital marketing and I’ve pointed out a few reasons why digital marketing will have a great future and digital marketing career will be in high demand the first reason that I have for you guys is with an estimated forty six billion dollars going towards the programmatic advertising in the year 2019 it’s predicted that eighty six percent of all digital display ads will be presented by our automation by the end of 2020 this shift towards the AI automation provides a more shameless efficient and more accurate approach to paid media while drastically lowering the customer acquisition costs digital marketing field has evolving market rules so the digital transformation is no longer limited to the CIO or the chief information officer Digital Marketing for sure has a high engagement ratio so the conversion rate is also pretty high and also by the end of 2020 50% of global 2000 we’ll see most of their businesses depending on their ability to create products services and experience that are digitally enhanced so these major points help building a better future for digital marketing well a career in digital marketing sounds good right so in order to help you guys with your quest to become a successful digital marketer ed Eureka has come up with this new postgraduate program on digital marketing this program is forged in partnership with institute of management technology IMT Ghaziabad india now talking about IMT IMT is one among the top 12 e schools in india.

this institute is a complete hero in the private sector as well it has retained its position among the top five private B schools in India and also talking about the core structure this course expertly curates all aspects of digital marketing on a whole also guys this PGP course comes with hundred-percent placement assistance the course duration lasts up to nine months long and it is structured in a way that you would definitely find it easy to follow we have 200 plus instructor-led courses followed by 15 plus case studies in which you’ll be given assignments at the end of each module and also you’ll be directly dealing with the industry projects as well do note that guys it is a limited period offer and the seeds are almost full right now you can see it over here it says limited seats available right now and the application ends on December 21st 2009 tea please feel free to reach out to us and also if you want to enroll yourself in this course just go ahead here and you can find this link called complete your application I can just click onto it where you’ll be directed to a page where you have to fill all your details right from your name followed by your school details College and all of it so yeah please complete your form and you’re good to go and also you’ll have a telephonic interview with the professors at the IMT Ghaziabad because it is to make sure that you are actually looking out for a promising career there you’ll be taught by a industry professional so this is also an added advantage to take up this course also you’ll be handed over a certification by the end of your course completion so with this we come to the end of this post on digital marketing career.


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